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Software Engineer needed!
In Prague, there have been working 800 employees at Oracle in many different product development teams. Are you intersted? Here we go:

NetSuite is the #1 Cloud ERP.
One unified business management suite, encompassing ERP/Financials, CRM, and
ecommerce for more than 24,000 customers in more than 100 countries.
The NetSuite team in Prague develops core parts of the ERP including Transaction
Numbering, Voiding and Emailing. The team is self-contained, and the responsibilities
span the whole cycle from business need analysis and specification, thru architecture and
design, actual implementation, test automation, and verification, finished by maintaing the feature.

The Bronto team is 30-person team in Prague responsible for a large cloud-based SaaS marketing automation platform
– we build and run the platform that allows our customers to personalize communications to their customers and help
them drive engagement & revenue.

Java platform team
The Java Platform Group at Oracle is responsible for the development of the Java Platform.
Java is the #1 programming language and deployment runtime for the cloud. Virtually every cloud infrastructure, Big
Data, high performance, mission critical, high throughput and low latency services are running on Java and the Java
virtual machine. Java is the programming of choice for the enterprise.
The Oracle’s Java team is the steward of the Java technology and responsible for maintaining and driving the
development of new features. Java is being developed as an open source project (OpenJDK) with contributions from the
major industry vendors.

Oracle Laboratories
Oracle Labs is a department of Oracle devoted to research. Our research is focused on real-world outcomes: we aim to
develop technologies that will someday play a significant role in the evolution of technology and society.
In the Graal project, we are developing future technologies in the area of Virtual Machines, Compilers, and Programming
Languages and are preparing their adoption in existing or future Oracle products. Our staff is mostly based in Linz
(Austria), Zurich (Switzerland), Redwood Shores (USA), and Prague.


- You have a solid programming skill in any objective language (Java preferred, but C++, C# or Python possible)
- You have a proven track record in software development or software testing - from university or as a part time
job in a company
- You can communicate in English -with our focus on teamwork, good communication skills are essential. You
should be able to express yourself well in English.

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Nabídka vložena 12. 01. 2021 a vyprší 31. 01. 2021

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