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The Dean of the Faculty of Informatics, Masaryk University, invites applications for a position of Associate Professor at the Department of Visual Computing in the area of computer graphics and computer games development. The candidates are expected to have an excellent research background in one of the areas of computer graphics, visualization, virtual reality, augmented reality, or computer games development, with sincere interest in the remaining ones as well.

Job description

The position is focused on both research and teaching. The candidates are expected to carry out research of excellent quality and take responsibility for selected courses included in the specializations Computer Graphics and Visualization and Computer Game Development within the Visual Informatics study program: In particular, the candidates should be able to prepare and deliver lectures and tutorials at the bachelor as well as master level in the following areas:

Computer graphics
Computer games development
Virtual and augmented reality
Programming of computer graphics applications

The candidates should show a large amount of flexibility in teaching subjects that are not directly related to their particular areas of research. They are expected to help with supervising undergraduate as well as graduate students and attract research projects to fund their research activities.



PhD in Computer Science or a related discipline
Passion for problem solving and desire for working with students
Existing track record in both education and research in the areas listed above
Dynamic, flexible personality, able to work well in teams
Fluency in English (both spoken and written); other language(s) welcome
Experience from other countries than Czech and Slovak republics (at least half a year)

Desired skills and achievements

PhD work related to computer graphics, visualization, virtual reality, augmented reality, or computer games development
Experience with research projects

Další informace

Other information

The starting monthly salary is 109,000 CZK for the Associate Professor position. The progress in this tenure-track position can in no more than 3 years be modified based on the level of involvement in research and educational projects.
Candidates at an earlier career stage or with skills shortages may be offered an Assistant Professor position. The starting monthly salary for this position is 80,000 CZK.

Applicants should submit

CV, including a summary of work experience, publication activity, teaching, involvement in research grants, etc;
degree documents;
cover letter explaining candidate’s motivation and interest in obtaining the position;
title and abstract of a lecture that can be presented as a part of the application process;
the names and contact details of three professional and language referees.

Applications should be submitted through the university job application system at


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Nabídka vložena 15. 04. 2020 a vyprší 01. 07. 2020

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