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Locksley.CZ s.r.o.

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We are innovating mechanical locks . We develop combinatorial algorithms so that 3000 years old technology remains in top competition class for next 1000 years powered by AI.

Locksley is start-up grown from CVUT/FEL university and it binds to seven years long research awarded by Werner von Siemens prize. We maintain the academic links and at setting up our start up we signed a long term contract with mighty global customer.

We are building small but powerful team in which everyone contributes to decisions, where we must know each other and where open communication is important so that individual needs are respected. We offer classical offices at the Karlovo náměstí metro station and
the possibility of remote work from home. We optionally support part time jobs . We like and are excited about our jobs and therefore we know when to lock the office on Friday evening.

With the results of our work you will have a direct influence on realization of projects around the globe.

Who we would like to welcome among ourselves
We are looking for a C++ programmer to become a part of a team that builds a reliable, scalable server application . You can participate with us in the design of system architectures, prototypes and implement the resulting solutions. We put emphasis on automated testing and tuning of the performance of our algorithms. If you do not expect NP completeness problems we promise you that your knowledge of algorithmization will not go rust.


Expected competencies or position:
EU citizenship
Some knowledge of Czech language
Very good level of English language both verbal and written
Self driven and self motivated - able to work independently
We welcome self speaking job history record

Your advantage is a below experience
● Principles of SOLID and design,
● C++ 2011 / 2014 standards
● TDD, DevOps tools (GitLab/GitHub, CI/CD) and Linux,
● mathematical modeling, linear and quadratic programming (LP, ILP, QLP, QILP), or satisfiability problem of mathematical statement formulas (SAT).

Další informace

We offer
● Innovative work which is far from boring
● 5 weeks of vacation leave and flexible working hours
● 1 week for education in topic of your free choice
● Ergonomically Furnished Office
● Laptop for work from home, free phone expense
● We welcome employment but freelance is not a problem, partial job possible
● Remuneration balanced with expertise, premium after successful project completion
● Hardware and software equipment according to individual need


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Nabídka vložena 23. 05. 2019 a vyprší 23. 06. 2019

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