Senior (Junior) Research Scientist


Nad Safinou II 366, 252 50 Vestec

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About us

Unique biotech start-up backed with a venture capital funding. Established in 2018 as spin-off from the IOCB
Providing innovative solutions for clinical diagnostics and drug discovery
Utilizing proprietary DIANA technology for ultrasensitive detection of targets in clinical samples, high-throughput screening, in vitro pharmacology and much more
Developing best-in-class diagnostic kits, providing contracted research services for drug discovery but also running own drug discovery pipeline
Benefiting from range of international collaborations with academic and industrial partners
Based in own state-of-the-art laboratory facilities in Vestec near Prague, Czech Republic

Your responsibilities

Depending on your experience and interests:
Development of DIANA assays for novel targets
Development of new applications of DIANA and related techniques
Running high-throughput-screening, including data analysis and compound management
Optimizing the assay to commercially-ready format, production of components, preparing documentation
Optimizing and automating experimental facilities
Identifying new clinically relevant targets, reviewing research, commercial and IP landscapes
Employing methods such as qPCR, protein expression, purification & chemical modification, enzyme kinetics, multi-well plate assays and cell culture. Gaining experience with automatization using liquid handlers, which may involve basic programming and databases
Facilitating collaborations, communicating results, contributing to papers, patents and presentations


Who are we looking for?

We have openings for both Junior (Masters, PhD) and Senior (postdoc or early PI) researchers
Education or equivalent experience in biochemistry, molecular biology, chemical biology, medicinal chemistry, pharmacology or related fields
Experience in cell culture, recombinant protein expression, protein chemistry and especially in qPCR and immunoassays such as ELISA is highly desirable. Experience in high throughput screening, drug discovery or development of diagnostic tools is a plus
Motivated to contribute to the technology development and interested to work on applied research
Flexible to work on multiple projects in a fast-paced start-up environment. Willing to drive independent R&D projects, but also to deliver production tasks
Fluent English, good communication, reporting, IT and data management skills

Další informace

What do we offer?

The full-time position, available starting immediately
Ability to utilize your research skills and expertise for real world applications – bringing products from early discovery phase to commercial applications
Participating in collaboration with top-tier institutes and global pharma or diagnostic companies
Working in a friendly dynamic multidisciplinary team with entrepreneurial atmosphere
Joining the company at early growth stage with a range of career development options
Competitive salary above local academic standards

When applying, please send us your motivation letter (describe your ambitions and skills you can contribute) and CV (incl. list of publications and at least two reference contacts).


Nad Safinou II 366

Kontakt, tel. +420 212 247 758

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