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We are the biggest reinsurance broker in the CEE and one of the biggest in the world. We have an actuarial hub in Prague of 15 actuaries right now looking for a new colleague to join the team!

Why you should join?
- Stochastic modelling: We are advising insurers on their risksandwe need to see what is happening on extreme events and be able to use risk measures like Value At Risk. Aon developed one of the most used Stochastic modelling tool for Non-Life called Remetricaand all actuaries have access to it. So youwill make stochastic modelling after a few months in the office and quite often.
- Diverse work: We are helping insurers in their risk transfer of their different business lines and doing things that often insurers are not able to do by themselves, so the work in the actuarial department is very diverse.

The role:
- Pricing analysis, reinsurance structure optimisationand risk quantification using non-life insurance mathematics and other statistical methods
- Technical analysis and innovative insight into insurance companies, their portfoliosand reinsurance contracts


- University degree in actuarial sciences (mathematics applied to insurance)
- Advanced English
- Ability to learn and apply new methods, find own solutions
- Strong application oriented technical and structural thinking

Zaměstnanecké výhody

- Interesting role in the global reinsurance industry
- Intensive training in the initial stage of the role
- Competitive salary and attractive benefit package
- Offices in the very centreof Prague


Václavské náměstí 19
Praha 1

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Nabídka vložena 20. 02. 2019 a vyprší 21. 03. 2019

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