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Alteryx Czech Republic s.r.o.

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Alteryx develops software for data preparation and analysis, including a number of server solutions for model deployment, collaborative work on data and scheduling of automatic data processing. Check out alteryx.com.

Your team will work on a set of microservices in Node.js and Typescript, using RabbitMQ message broker to orchestrate the system and PostgreSQL's latest features to store and search the data. Our task is to create backbone storage functionality, social features support and infrastructure for extracting and storing metadata from all kinds of data sources. When working on front-end, you'll be using React and Redux.

Join us in building the next generation of our software and advance your career by working with some of the most demanded technologies in modern web development.


Required Skills:
• 2+ years experience of leading a mid size team (5 people)
• 4+ years of programming experience with web-apps
• Substantial experience with JavaScript (NodeJS or React+Redux)
• TypeScript as a big advantage
• Must be passionate about performance and clean code
• Willingness to work in an agile environment with a collaborative team
• Good English, both written and spoken

Relevant Skills:
• Code review experience
• CI and build experience (Jenkins)
• Experience with RabbitMQ or a similar messaging system
• Experience with Express web framework
• Quick adaptation to change

Other requirements:
• Clear criminal record
• CV provided in English
• Willingness to solve a testing assignment (couple of hours test)
• Frequent communication with US - willingness to participate on occasional meetings at late hours (due to time difference)
• Willingness to work in office - this is not a remote position
• Willingness to travel from time to time



725 591 238

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Nabídka vložena 18. 07. 2018 a vyprší 18. 08. 2018

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