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Deloitte: Advanced Analytics Challenge

The third year of the Advanced Analytics Challenge is here! You will have a chance to work on a business case, present your results to managers and win CZK 30.000!

This year we are focusing on the pharmacy environment and you will meet people from Lekarna.cz and Keboola. The best marketing acquisition strategy will have a chance of being implemented by Lekarna.cz. Work your magic for a chance at fame, fortune or maybe even a job offer from Deloitte.

Team up with 3 members maximum. You will need skills such as statistics, orientation in data (R, SQL or Python), online marketing and presentation.

APPLY BY 29 MARCH 2 pm by sending us your CV to ceczanalytics@deloitteCE.com

Kde? Deloitte Praha - Karlín

Kdy? 6. 4. 2018 18:30 - 8. 4. 2018 21:30

Více informací na http://www.jsmedeloitte.cz


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