Quantitative Trading at Jane Street

Let´s learn more about quantitative trading. Wed, April 21, 6-7 pm

"Technology is at the core of how we approach trading, and we consider ourselves as much a technology company as a trading firm. We use OCaml (a statically typed functional programming language) as our primary development language. The key to success isn’t brand recognition, but people. Our growth comes from hiring and training amazing people and giving them the tools they need to innovate", means Lizzy.

Lizzy is a co-worker of Jane Street,  a company with people and offices in in New York, London, Hong Kong and Amsterdam.  Her company is a trading firm that operates around the clock and around the globe, trading a wide range of financial products, including: ETFs, Equities, Futures, Commodities, Options, Bonds and Currencies. Founded in 2000, currently employs over 1000 people from countries around the globe.

Company trading is based on its own proprietary models and on their busiest days engaging in over a million trades. You will learn about the core business and  your opportunities during special event for the czech students and fresh alumni "Get to Know Us for students in Czech Republic"on Wed, 21st April, 6 - 7 pm CET (5 - 6 pm BST). It is  an opportunity to learn more about working and interning at Jane Street. Join and bring your questions! Any intellectually curious problem solvers are welcomed - you don't need experience in finance to work at Jane Street.

During 3x 20-minute rotations so  you can speak with a representative from  Quantitative Trading, Software Engineering and the Campus Recruitment Team. This will provide you with an opportunity to learn about the different roles and the recruitment process if you are thinking about a 2022 Summer internship in London. The applications open in August 2021, so there will be also a chance to be prepared for the process if you are interested in opportunities abroad.
Typically when Jane´s people come to campus, they bring swag. Since you can't meet them in-person, a guests access to order one of our 2021 t-shirts is waiting for you!

Submit your registration by SUNDAY, 18 APRIL @ 11:59pm BST. You will get a Zoom Meeting information to all registered guests by Monday 19 April.

Quantitative Trading at Jane Street

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