Pure Career Breakfast

Take a chance to meet  IT geeks! On Thursday, Nov 26th, at 9 am.

4 Engineers, 4 different teams, 1 R&D in Prague, 1 hour long event. JOIN  and have an online breakfast with Pure Storage.

You'll get the chance to meet and speak with 4 senior software engineers, working in 4 different teams with different technologies (C++, Java, Angular, Python).
We will present Pure Storage and our brand new R&D in Prague. You'll find out how we're building the most innovative software on the data storage market and how you can join us.

Find more about current offers at GetConnected.

About Pure Storage

Pure is developing all flash data storage software and hardware solutions. Initially it developed its revolutionary software for storage controllers using generic flash storage hardware (before developing its own proprietary hardware in 2015). Despite the fact that we are developing and selling hardware as well today, the company is very much a software company at its heart.

Since our founding in 2009, Pure Storage has empowered innovators to build a better world with data. In less than eight years, Pure reached $1B in sales, faster than nearly every enterprise company in history, and our incredible growth continues to outpace the competition.

Its mission? Deliver a simple, evergreen data platform that enables everyone to turn data into intelligence and advantage. The secret sauce? More than 3,000 team members (and growing!) around the world who join forces to invent the next big thing. And then the next one.

The world is experiencing a revolution driven by next-generation technology like AI, machine learning, virtual reality, quantum computing, and self-driving cars—all of which require unprecedented amounts of data. This sets the stage for Pure’s technology to grow exponentially in the coming years.

Pure Storage is where you can ask big questions, think differently, and make an impact. This is not just a job, but a place where you have a voice and can accelerate your career.

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